Despite its name, the Dead Sea features a wealth of revitalizing ingredients, and contains the world's highest concentration of moisture-rich minerals, which are uniquely suitable for skincare.

Dead Sea salt has so many beneficial qualities to the skin, and physical well-being. While saline levels in normal salt water fall between three and six percent, the Dead Sea’s saline level can reach up to 35 percent. This salt stimulates regeneration of the skin, provides relaxation, softens and helps restoring skin cells.

Create a spa experience in your own home with six DIY recipes for Dead sea salt


1. Homemade Spa Scrub

Blend two cups of dead sea salt and 1/3 cups of mineral oil or olive oil. Take eight to ten vitamin E capsules and break them open squeezing them into the mixture. Add two generous tablespoons of honey and mix well. Make sure to store this in an air tight container for leftovers.



2. Peppermint Scrub For Feet

Blend one and half cups sea salt and one third cup of extra virgin olive oil with three drops of peppermint oil. Blend together and use after a bath or foot bath to scrub stubborn heels and rough patches off of your feet.




3. Refresher Sea Salt Spray

This one is very easy and will work almost instantly to rejuvenate your skin for longer days and nights. It is made with one cup of distilled water and a pinch of sea salt and a few drops of your favorite essential oils for gorgeous smell. Just mix generously in a clean spray bottle until the salt is dissolved and use as a toner and refresher for every day.


4. Olive and Macadamia Oil Sea Salt Scrub

This ןד great for the senses as well. Mix soothing macadamia and olive oil with sea salt evenly with a nice texture add some grapefruit or lemon juice and apply before showering or while showering for a powerfully natural exfoliating scrub with skin softening power.



5. Honey Mask with Sea Salt

For this quick treatment for acne just mix 3 teaspoon of sea salt with 5 teaspoons of hot water and dissolve. Then add 3 teaspoon of honey and generously mix together for a mask that will help keep acne. Just leave on for 15 minutes and let dry. Rinse generously with cool water.


6. Sea Salt Exfoliating Scrub

This recipe is for rough smudge of skin and great for exfoliating the skin. All you need is 2 cups of sea salt and 5 cups of almond oil and drops of your favorite essential oils to flavor.


dead sea salt


Dead Sea salt can have a beneficial effect on almost every part of the body. For anti-ageing, use it as a deep salt scrub twice or three times a week. To reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve circulation, rub a small amount all over your body after softening your skin in a warm shower. When you feel stressed out or need a natural treatment for bothersome skin conditions, dissolve a handful of organic Dead Sea salt in a hot bath to turn it into medicinal water.