The History of the Dead Sea skin care 



While the Dermalogica story begins in 1986, the history of skin care started ancient ago at the Dead Sea

This is the History of the Dead Sea skin care

The benefits of Dead Sea salt have been known for centuries.

The secret of Dead Sea is the mineral content of the Dead Sea salt!

Egyptians used mud from the Dead Sea in their mummification of the deceased.

Cleopatra loved the Dead Sea so much, she ordered that cosmetic factories and resorts be built along its shores

The Dead Sea was a place of refuge for King David

Herod the Great set the Dead Sea as the world’s first health resort

The Dead Sea considered by the Christian tradition to be the spot where John baptized Jesus.

The Islamic doctor al-Tamini in 1068 AD wrote of the health benefits of the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea -  A Concentrated Dose of Vitality, Health and Beauty