Useful daily tips to hold-off the effects of time!

Useful daily tips to hold-off the effects of time! 

A few tips for keeping your skin as youthful as possible:


1. First thing first is to start with your cleanser. Look for a gentle cleanser that will remove dirt and makeup, but won’t strip away precious natural oils from your skin. Ingredients like aloe vera and chamomile are natural extracts that help skin retain its natural moisture.


2. Instead of using harsh scrubs that can irritate sensitive skin, try a battery-powered cleansing brush, which removes more dirt from your pores than manual cleansing while also staying gentle on the skin.  If needed, you can use a scrub if you want to rid your body of dead skin cells—the skin on your legs, torso, and arms are much less sensitive than the skin on your face. Use a body scrub or polish product like Beauty-Mineral's body peeling scrub—it uses natural, Dead Sea minerals that sooths the skin. A Dead Sea scrub could be just the 'rub' your skin needs to stimulate cell renewal and to start fresh.


3. Clarifying the skin is a process of removing dirt and debris from the surface of the skin and down deep inside of the pores. While daily use of a good clarifying toner is essential, a weekly mud mask treatment, such as Beauty-minerals "professional mud mask", will assist in deep cleaning your skin. To reduce the appearance of red and uneven skin tone use a mud mask infused with Vitamin C



 Mud mask

4. After giving your skin a clean slate, use a moisturizing eye cream (or a serum) for under your eyes and on your face. Look for a product with antioxidants, since they are essential to counteract free radicals (molecules from the sun and pollution that damage and age skin). Vitamins E should also be part of any moisturizer you use (serum or cream), because it is a proven antioxidant to combat aging skin.


Ultimately, the key to slowing down the skin’s aging process and preserving supple, glowing skin is to establish a regular routine, using products that promote hydration and preserve the elasticity of your skin. There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy your skin (and be comfortable in it), now you know how to find the best tools to keep you radiant inside and out!


Have any tips or questions about natural skin care after 40?