Eye Cream VS Eye Gel

There are a myriad of different skin care products on the market these days.  Eye gels and eye creams are two skin care products that are used for the skin around the eyes and can be a great basis for healthy skin treatment.  Most people are familiar with eye cream, but some people are not as sure about eye gel.  Eye gels and eye creams are used for similar purposes, but there are some differences.

What is an Eye Gel?

We all have different skin types, lifestyles and needs so it stands to reason that in the area of eye creams or indeed gels we’re all looking for something different. But what works and what’s the difference between the two? As eye gels are lighter weight, younger people usually favor them. Eye Gels are more soothing and cooling for tired eyes, for reducing puffiness as the main way you reduce puffiness is by soothing and cooling the area around the eye. Eye gels are also absorbed much faster so they’re great for busy women on the go as they leave little residue and you can apply your make up quickly.

 The skin around the eyes is particularly susceptible to photo aging, it’s 10 times thinner than the skin on the face, resulting in deeper UV penetration and accelerated water loss; highly elastic connective tissue creates flexibility and movement for the eyelid, but also makes the area prone to wrinkling and sagging. Under-eye bags and puffiness become more prominent as circulation in the dense network of arteries and capillaries naturally slows with age. This particular gel prevents signs of aging while correcting existing photo damage. When used daily because it’s both preventative and corrective it combats signs of fatigue to restore a fresh, vibrant appearance around the eyess.

The Benefits of Eye Cream

Eye creams on the other hand are far more nourishing and moisturizing. Creams contain more ingredients that moisturize the skin more effectively than gels. Most experts will tell you to use a cream for mature skin, as you need more oil to improve its health. Creams eventually leave aging skin with fine lines looking much better than before as they contain emollients that nourish the skin and plump up the area helping to eliminate the fine lines. They are also better for people that suffer from dry skin